Matthew 11

I find rest in his nest.

Every bird builds a special kind of nest. Some of these look neat, while others look messy. Wrens make tiny nests, while eagles form huge ones. But every nest is a safe, warm home for a family of birds. It’s where they eat, sleep, and grow up. And when the baby birds are ready to fly the coop, it becomes a launching pad for their first flight. Think of the arms of Jesus as a warm, cozy nest where you can find rest from anything that seems hard or makes you feel bad. Do you get tired or worry a lot? Crawl into Jesus’ nest. And let him teach you how to rest.

Click-er: Bird’s Nest

Whenever you see, touch, or think about a bird’s nest, let your heart find rest in this lesson as it clicks and sticks:

I find rest in his nest.

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