Isaiah 40

Click-er: Glider

At first glance, gliders look just like airplanes. But there’s one major difference: they don’t have an engine. So how do gliders fly? Having no strength of their own, they’re towed into the air by an engine-powered airplane. When they get high enough, they’re let go to soar on their own. Then, like birds, they glide through the air, letting the power of the wind keep them up. We’re all just like gliders. We have no power of our own and never will. But we do have a choice. We can spend our Christian life on the ground, or we can sign up for heaven’s team of riders and gliders. God wants to be the wind that gives you the power to glide through life. Become a member today! The only fee is faith.

Click-er: Glider

Whenever you see, play with, or think about an airplane glider, let this lesson glide through your mind as it clicks and sticks:

I love riding and gliding with God.

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