Genesis 1


Did you know that a very long time ago nothing was around except God? Then, when God decided the time was just right, he created everything. God made the sun, the moon, and the stars. He made the little ball we live on called Planet Earth. He made every living thing on Earth. He also created the sky above and the oceans below. God made the call to create every fish, bird, and animal. And when it was time to make people, God made that call too. None of this was an accident. In the beginning, only God was big enough to make the call that got the ball rolling. And he’s the only one big and powerful enough to keep it going, day after day.

Click-er: Ball

Whenever you see, play with, or think about a ball, let this lesson roll through your mind as it clicks and sticks:

In the beginning, God’s call got the ball rolling.

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