1 John 1

His soap gives me hope.

Soap comes in many different forms: bars, flakes, grains, liquids, tablets. And we use it for cleaning all kinds of things: hands, hair, clothes, dishes. Daily bathing with soap keeps dirt and body oils from clogging the pores of our skin. In this verse, John reminds us that everybody also needs spiritual cleansing. But if we want God to forgive us and clean away our sins, we first have to confess them. That simply means sincerely praying a one-sentence prayer: “I was wrong, and I’m sorry.” Then, because God’s Son, Jesus, has already died for our sins, God forgives us. That one requirement doesn’t seem like too big of a deal. But you’d be amazed at the number of people who refuse to come clean with God. Don’t be like them. Admit your dirt. And then let Jesus’ soap scrub you clean and give you hope.

Click-er: Soap

Whenever you see, use, or think about soap, let this lesson wash your heart clean as it clicks and sticks:

His soap gives me hope.

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