Galatians 2

Let’s agree to stamp out poverty.

For most of us, “being poor” means having just enough money to buy one hamburger instead of two, or having only three pairs of shoes when we’d like ten. Usually we don’t think about how much we do have, or how much the rest of the world does not have. And too often we see “the world” as somewhere “over there.” But no matter where you live, there are people near you who don’t have enough money for food, shelter, clothes, and medical bills. You can’t help everyone, but you can help a few. Take a meal, give a shirt, hold a hand. Let’s be like Paul and help stamp out poverty.

Click-er: Postage Stamp

Whenever you see, lick, or think about a postage stamp, let your mind seal this lesson to your heart as it clicks and sticks:

Let’s agree to stamp out poverty.

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