2 John 1

It’s fun to funnel God’s love.

The Bible is a long book. If you would read four pages of this Bible a day, it still would take you more than a year to read it all. But here’s a secret shortcut. God had John give us three little words that tell how he expects us to respond to the big message of the entire Bible: Love one another. Simple, isn’t it? And it’s fun to do when you get the hang of it. You see, as tough as it is to really love someone, it actually fills your heart with joy and peace when you choose to do it. That’s because we can’t drum up God’s love on our own. It’s only when our heart stays open to receiving this love that we can funnel it to others so they can feel it.

Click-er: Funnel

Whenever you see, use, or think about a funnel, let this lesson flood your heart as it clicks and sticks:

It’s fun to funnel God’s love.

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