John 14

Jesus is my complete one-way street to heaven.

What if your parents got lost while taking you to a friend’s house? Would they want directions from someone who had no idea where your friend lived, or from somebody who really knew how to get there? Unfortunately, many people think they know the way to heaven and believe there are many ways to get there. As you grow older, you’ll hear more and more about this. But Jesus, who came to earth from heaven and really knows the way, made it super clear that the only way to heaven is through him. Don’t believe anyone who says differently. Jesus, the Son of God, is the only complete, oneway street to heaven. And if you truly believe in him as your only way to God the Father, then you’re on the road to heaven. 

Click-er: One-Way Street Sign

Whenever you see, follow, or think about a one-way street sign, let this lesson direct your mind as it clicks and sticks:

Jesus is my complete one-way street to heaven.

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